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Below are the answers to your most popular questions about working with Go-Base service. You can find more information about the service below.

Where to start?

What is a digital passport?

Digital-passport is also called a digital layout and an e-passport. A digital passport is a single place to store electronic documents describing a product, its creation and maintenance, all information about components used. Besides, passport can include information about test results, diagnostics, defects, failures and repairs of equipment for all enterprises engaged in its manufacture, service and operation.

How to create digital passport of equipment?

The manufacturer/supplier must choose a tariff or contact us to select equipment for tagging and create a digital passport of the product. If e-passports of manufactured products already exist or they are created in another system, we offer paid integration with our system through API.

What is tagging?

Tagging is understood as applying a tag or a beacon (RFID, NFC, barcode) to an object of accounting for further identification, confirmation of the authenticity of equipment to its stated parameters and characteristics.

Who is doing tagging?

Tagging is done by manufacturer at the moment of production, or supplier while receiving at the warehouse or before shipping.

Can your company do tagging?

Tagging done by our company is possible in an exceptional order for the fee on the customer side.

What kind of trainings provided?

The service is easy to use, that is why introductory excursion about the operations and funсtional features of the Web-client and the mobile application via Skype is enough. Payment for day is 560 €.

How much does it cost?

Why to connect to the system for fee?

Information in the system is divided into general and extended. General information (classifier, nomenclature and organization) is provided for free. Access to extended information about organizations and equipment is paid per chosen tariff.

Who pays?

Manufacturer/supplier pays for using the system. The consumer gets access to the service only after signing the contract free of charge. The consumer has access only to general information and to data, access to which was provided by the manufacturer or supplier.

What tariff should I choose?

The tariff is selected in accordance with the required amount of uploading data for customers and the number of Go-RFID Mobile application licenses on RFID-readers for tagging and product identification. The number of licenses is determined by the number of users (operators) of the mobile application.

How does it work?

How many people can work in the system simultaneously?

Unlimited number of users working through Web-client and up to five operators working through mobile application can use one license simultaneously. If the number of users is bigger, then each subsequent connection is 15 € per month.

Can I add or change data?

All information loaded to system is available for editing manually or updated through API. There is a possibility to add single item, the version of the product at the time of issue and updating the equipment model is supported.

Do other manufacturers and suppliers see the information?

All users of the service see nomenclature data in general order. Information about items is available only with the agreement of manufacturer/supplier. Manufacturer has a right to open or close access to equipment data on its own concern.

What integration with service is possible?

Internal integration between Go-RFID and Go-Base is currently available. Now we are working on developing general module for integration with leading accounting data systems.

For how long is data saved in the system?

While using Go-RFID, ERP and WMS, credentials are kept in the systems locally and uploaded automatically through the portal. If payment for using Go-Base is not made, the personal account is blocked in accordance with tariff up to 3 months until the time of payment.

Is it enough to use only Go-RFID?

Go-RFID software package is required for tagging, further warehouse operation management and asset management. Go-Base portal is used to transfer data of the shipped products to dealers and customers. Read more about capabilities of Go-RFID identification system here.

Do you have other questions?

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